Uptown Photography  
is known for a highly creative
"Thinking Outside The Box"
Our photography style can be
Artistic, Creative,  "Rad" ,
Over-The-Top, Unusual,
Understated, Classy and Elegant.
We are dedicated to produce your
Wedding Photography
Event with Class and Timeless
    Our Philosophy

A wedding is an absolutely
beautiful event. It's an extension of
your personality laced with your
unique style. It's full of emotions,
tears, love, laughter and
spontaneity...so why not have
pictures which capture just that!

Why choose us for your wedding
photography?...We specialize in
capturing the essence of your
wedding day. There will not be any
awkward and endless posing with
you and your bridal party hanging
around for hours outside a church
or venue.

               Our Style

Many people will not even know we
are there. As a photographer, I am
very good at blending in. Guests
usually think I'm one of your
friends! I am known for having a
behind the scenes shooting style.

My job as wedding photographer is
to get great photos of you having
the amazing time of your life!

Most people have never been
photographed as intensively as you
will be on your wedding day so it's
important you feel comfortable
with your photographer and like
their personality and style. If you're
at ease with them you will look your
absolute best! I have built many
relationships with my clients. More
than a few have become lifelong

Your wedding is a day for you to
have a great time with family and
friends and that's what I will
photograph for you by capturing
all the spontaneity and love that
makes your wedding day absolutely
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